Benefits of nature, 6 reasons to be grateful

In any case, this year has been a difficult one. Fear, unrest, and a pandemic still leave many Americans on the fringes. Fortunately, the many benefits of nature haven’t been diminished. In fact, the benefits of going outside are even more pronounced right now. Here are six fun things to do outdoors, alone, or with family and friends.


From catching and letting go to catching and cooking, a day with rod and reel in hand is the greatest of all outdoor activities. Enjoy the sun or the dew before sunrise and experience the benefits of nature at your favorite fishing hole.


Thanks to a cool breeze lashing through your hair and a coveted temporary “escape” from civilization on land, boating is a classic year-round activity that naturally encourages the benefits of being outside. Check out the 5 best boat destinations for your winter vacation this year!

Go hiking

Find a loop trail over a route and terrain that you are comfortable in and take a hike to experience the benefits of nature this fall. Crunchy leaves and fresh air fill your senses and leave you refreshed and grateful. While hiking, your mind can subside and you will quickly see the benefits of spending time in nature.


The world usually looks different when viewed through a camera lens. Colors are more defined, shadows and light cling to each other and dance well into the evening, and nature sometimes offers lessons in life and meaning. Furthermore, focusing on granular details rather than everything can only help your mind. Using your phone to capture just a portion of what the outside world is showing is a calming and creative way to be outside, and getting the health benefits of nature has no co-payment or deductible! Indulging in your artistic side is one of the best outdoor activities for improving your mental health.

Install a bird feeder and squirrel / chipmunk picnic table

Not only does this outdoor activity keep the backyard roommates fat and happy well into the winter, it also provides a fun way to get out and about while they relax outside and, when they’re too cold, inside cuddling. Plus, your cats will be grateful for the free entertainment! Opt for simple, inexpensive suet cages or a suitable seeded bird feeder, and consider spending some whole peanuts on the squirrels (you don’t have to buy a small wooden picnic table for chipmunks and squirrels, but that’s positively adorable!)

Go for a walk on the beach in the off-season

You can’t underestimate the benefits of nature and a beach is one of the most magical places in nature! Whether you opt for a socially distant, sunny and warm sandy beach walk on a road trip to the nearest ocean, or simply strolling along a lakefront beach with the people you love, a walk on a quiet beach can reduce anxiety as well Focus your focus back on the beauty that still exists in the world. Of course you can also fish from the beach! Here are 8 beach fishing tips for beginners.

Do you need some alone time? Check out these 14 fun things to do outside on your own!


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