At the age of 21, two cat brothers found a “Twilight” house together after being given to the RSPCA

The cat brothers Leon and Nikita went through thick and thin together in their 21 years on earth.

Yes, you read that right, these black cat brothers are twenty-one years old!

While not the oldest registered cats, this pair of brothers is believed to be the oldest group of cat siblings in the UK and should be comfortable at home. Unfortunately, the cute kitten pups were recently released into emergency services at the RSPCA’s Northhamptonshire office.

“Poor Leon and Nikita are in our care at the age of 21,” said RSPCA Northamptonshire. “They are bonded brothers and have been given rehabilitation because they couldn’t cope with family life.”

RSPCA Northamptonshire Branch / Facebook

While Leon and Nikita received the best of care at the shelter, comfortable, quiet homes are still the best place for super senior cats. “Given their age, we are very interested in moving these lovely boys to a new home as soon as possible.”

Leon and Nikita have asked for a home without children because they both like peace and quiet at an advanced age. Nikita was also recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. “He will need blood tests with our vet in the next few weeks / months to see how he is responding to medication.”

Although Nikita needs a little extra medical attention and the boys are old, “Leon and Nikita are a loving couple who enjoy chin-tickling and human company.”

@ rspca_northamptonshire / Instagram

Rehomed in a barrage of popularity

The cat brothers got so much attention after their social media debut. Julie Clifft, of the RSPCA Northamptonshire adoption team, told the Daily Mail, “It was pretty insane.”

Rescue expected a few uses, but they got hundreds! The RSPCA operates out of the UK and was surprised to receive inquiries from the US as well. But when the group offered to support Nikita’s medical care, the boys stayed close. Together they have found their home in Northamptonshire, where they can enjoy their twilight years in peace and love.

@ rspca_northamptonshire / Instagram

The plight of Leon and Nikita inspired the RSPCA. On Instagram it says: “We have set up a ‘Senior Kittizens Fund’ especially in her honor.”

“Our independent Northamptonshire office takes in older pets every month who are no longer wanted and sometimes in tragic circumstances. We support them, make sure they are taking proper nutrition and medication (if necessary), and find new homes that are perfect for them. Our ‘Senior Kittizens Fund’ was set up to help us pay vet bills and any special groceries they may need. “

And that’s something to celebrate! Older cats are often overlooked in animal shelters, so we support all efforts to help these old kittens find comfortable homes full of love.

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Feature Image: RSPCA Northamptonshire Branch / Facebook


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