Art Woman Captured Measuring Stray Cat for Homemade Warm Coat

Experiencing random moments of kindness in action doesn’t happen often as we’d like, and when you’re lucky enough to see compassion at work, it really warms the heart.

And if that tenderness is directed towards a cat, then these moments are the best in the eyes of a cat lover. And when cat lover Liang Yi saw the friendliness of a needy cat unfold, she had to capture the moment and share it with the world.

During the nights in Qinhuangdao City in northern China’s Hebei Province, there were some cold nights at around 30 degrees. These falling temperatures signal the beginning of long, cool nights for stray animals without a warm home. Fortunately, however, some of them seem to have a guardian angel to take care of them and keep them warm and fed.

Image courtesy Daily Mail via 8494396 / Douyin

Coat for a cat

Liang went for a walk with her husband and met the angel while working with a stray cat. The couple saw the woman bend down and talk to a cat, and when they looked closer they saw how adorable this situation really was. After the woman gave the cat a plastic bag to eat, she placed a piece of cloth over the cat’s back.

Image courtesy Daily Mail via 8494396 / Douyin

It found she measured the fabric to make sure it was big enough to turn the kitten into a coat for the cold nights.

When Liang saw what was going on, she was so moved by the kindness that she took out her cell phone to watch a video of the sweet encounter. She told the Daily Mail that the woman was “full of love” and that Liang just needed to share the goodness with the world.

She posted the clip on Douyin, a Chinese version of TikTok, and the views came quickly. Before long, the video of the woman and her kindness was viewed more than 1.5 million times.

Image courtesy Daily Mail via 8494396 / Douyin

Hope for animals in China

Liang and her husband had a chat with the woman and learned that in addition to the stray cat, she also looked after 6 stray dogs that the neighborhood calls their home. With their care, the neighborhood strays can face winter with more hope.

People like Liang and the woman are the heart behind animal protection movements in China. Thanks to dedicated animal lovers and animal welfare organizations, the government is being massively urged to pass laws against cruelty to animals.

Surprisingly, state-run media company Central Television has also urged the government to pass animal welfare legislation.

Image courtesy Daily Mail via 8494396 / Douyin

“I would like to urge the public to pay more attention to stray animals,” said Liang. “Even if you don’t love her, please don’t hurt her.”

We couldn’t have said it better!

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