Anubis Tang is probably the rarest surgeon fish of all time

We have been following Anubis, the unique purple Scopas Tang Hybrid, for almost a year. Despite its radical youthful appearance, we initially thought that the Purple X Scopas Tang would lose its appeal as it grew. But we’re happy to say that we couldn’t have been more wrong. This unique fish is not something we’ve seen before, and God knows that weird, aberrant cones are very common now, and we’ve documented many of them.

From 3, 4 and 11 months, this fish got better and better!

But the anubis kelp is unlike any other strange kelp and there is no clear match in the family tree of this fish. It’s still a bit confusing what kind of hybrid this is, but the most likely is still Z. scopas x Z. xanthurum, or just the first captive-bred Purple x Scopas.

The spots and stripes of the Anubis cone actually appear to be of medium size and pattern between the scopas and the purple cones.

While purple hues appear mostly purple throughout, they actually have a variable degree of large dots that transform into broad lines along the body. This doesn’t exactly match what we see in the Anubis Tang, but the purple shades on the side are very strange.

The purple hues on the side are very fascinating!

Whatever this fish is, it is definitely a very unique fish, and we understand why Mr. Su is holding it in hopes of making it spawn with different teeth and producing even stranger fish. We didn’t know what to expect when this fish got bigger, but we’re thrilled that it grew into something very special and we hope to see more captive-grown crosses like Anubis in the future.

The patterns are clearly visible on this photograph.


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