Absurd, funny songs about majestic and beautiful cats

If you’re a cat lover with a quirky sense of humor you will love this album Kittyland by Harry Tangos, a family band from Davis, California.

After seeing a wave of homeless pets sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kidd family tries to help a cooperating nonprofit by making money by selling funny songs about their four cats – Orson, Frosty, Dali and Shawn Kwan – collects.

The album costs $ 5 and consists of seven songs with funny titles like “Pick of the Litter” and “Blanket Master”. The band has committed 75% of all album revenue to cat charities. At press time, they are still looking for a nonprofit to work with on the album.

Learn more at and harrytangos.bandcamp / release. You can also follow them on Facebook @Harry Tangos and Instagram @harrytangos.

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