A starter checklist for family outings

There is no greater time than spending time with the family outdoors. This is where the most precious memories in life are created. Where fantasies ignite and the mind is full of wonder. Where wind, sun and rain awaken our souls and make us feel alive. Sometimes we find ourselves in nature spontaneously, but spending time with family outside often requires planning and intention. Fishing trips are the perfect mix of time and outdoor adventure. Here is a fishing trip checklist to get you started.

Ask Alexa

Use the new Take Me Fishing skill for Amazon Alexa to find family outing ideas near you.

Fishing license

After mapping your target, check the fishing license requirements and regulations to make sure you meet the requirements before hitting the water.

First aid kit

A safety necessity for all small bumps, scratches and insect bites in life. Be sure to pack bandages, ointments, antihistamines, and sunscreens with other first aid items.

Bait and tackle

Unless you are fishing with a guide, be prepared to bring a well-stocked fishing box for the type of fishing you will be doing. When using live bait, you need to research the best feed options for your target species.

Navigation devices

Today’s GPS devices are useful for navigation, but can also be used to call for help in an emergency and when you are not on the cellular network. These useful safety devices are worth the safety.


You want to capture these special moments. Use your photos to create a slideshow or compose a scrapbook that your family will treasure forever.

Happy fishing hat

Don’t you have one yet? Perhaps this is the trip where you baptize all of your official “lucky fishing hats” – there’s nothing like a good fishing trip to add some fun and tradition!

Check out more of our fishing trip checklist ideas or when booking a guide for your fishing trips, first confirm what items they offer and what you are likely to bring with you. Enjoy!


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