A scary Halloween story

It’s pitch black outside, almost like there’s no moon at all. No twinkling of stars or street lights to drive out what’s waiting in the shadows. You are all alone and wandering in the dark when you notice something strange. You pause to take a closer look. in the distance a soft glow penetrates the black nothingness. They come closer, fascinated, but a little frightened, very frank. The soft light becomes brighter.

You are carefully scanning the perimeter but proceeding anyway for reasons unknown to your conscious logic. The glow is within reach, almost blinding, it’s so bright. You have the strange feeling that you are not alone … but it’s too late. You step into the light and realize that there are others just like you. They hardly move and just linger there with a zombie-like look.

Suddenly a disturbance over us. Everyone looks up to see a dark object, but before you can handle the situation, they rush to it and attack! One of the boys grabs the unknown object in his mouth and wrestles it like a coyote knocking down its prey. Suddenly an invisible force pulls him from above into the darkness.

Poof! And just like that – he’s gone.

Your mind wavers with amazement. What the hell just happened ?! Why did I come here? Is that some kind of black zombie magic? But before you can formulate any answers, he slips back into the glow with an expression of satisfaction on his face.

Shocked by what you have just seen, you swim up to the man for an explanation. He looks at you and giggles, “Hey fish, calm down, dude. I remember my first time at the dock light. A free snack, a short drive; It’s an out-of-the-water experience, but definitely worth it. “

Happy Halloween, ghouls and gals!


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