A cat takes over the training efforts of humans

We believe we can control our cat’s behavior. Ridiculous!

We have sometimes put a lot of research into our efforts to train our favorite kittens and have certainly made expert suggestions; Ultimately, however, the cat trains us. Here’s a little feline feedback on people’s attempts to exercise them – take it with a grain of salty demeanor.

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1 Always include treats

First and foremost: don’t forget the goodies. Surprise! The food motivates us to place the majority of your bids. If you’d like us to sit and shake hands (do we look like dogs too?) And learn salon tricks so you can impress your friends at dinner parties, you can surely make up for us with a yummy treat or three. We know, we know … too many goodies are not good for us, but we feel like we can compromise.

2 use toilet

We know we are intrigued by the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean we want to use a human toilet. Here’s an idea: we’ll be using your toilet when you start using our litter box. Deal?

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3 clicker training

Even though we don’t want to be controlled at our core by this clicking thing in your hand, it piques our interest. Do you know how, in our deep sleep, we hear the sound of a can of cat food opening from all over the house and then bringing it into the kitchen? Clicker training works in a similar way – a sound triggers a behavior. Brilliant! Damn our instincts! Well played people.

4 Our timing, not yours

If you want to get into this training business, you must be aware that it is all happening in our timing. You can’t expect us to give you our full attention for a full hour, especially when we’re dead tired and need to catch up on our precious 18 hours of daily sleep. Exercise in small doses and make sure we’re in the mood, which can be difficult because cats have many moods. Choose wisely, folks.

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5 Too many things at the same time!

Cats are pretty cold, so don’t try to train us to do too much at once. We like it when you only stick to one thing at a time. If you’d like us to learn how to use the new litter box, don’t cloud the water by trying to get us high five at the same time. We could probably do it because we are (obviously) highly intelligent, but we are not going to give you the satisfaction to believe that we will.

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6 Scratch furniture

If you want us to stop scratching your fancy new section, we need decent alternatives. How about a cool scratching post? Actually, more than one is ideal. We like options! We’ll tell you a secret: if you put a scratch near our favorite nail sharpening furniture, we’re more likely to use it. PS If you tell someone that we gave you this information, we will reject it.

7 Always include treats

Did we mention that treats help? Well, it’s worth mentioning again.

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