7 tips to keep your dog safe at a Super Bowl party

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While this year means a Super Bowl party just for your quarantine capsule, it’s still a day to make sure your dog stays safe while you are all having fun.

Dog with soccer toy

Watch out for alcoholic beverages.

Do not let Bowser near the beer or any alcohol. While you can always be careful with this practice, your guests may also not keep an eye on their drinks.

Keep cautious canines in a box or otherwise secured.

All that soccer action could very well mean some raised voices and arms waving, not to mention weird people in the house when you’re throwing a party.

If your dog is fearful or shy, leave him a quiet time in his crate, away from the action, in a distant bedroom, or safely in a fenced yard. You can go out and tell him the score at half time.

Dog with soccer ball

Watch the trash.

Super Bowl parties mean food and lots of it … and that means junk. Keep your trash safe so your dog can’t eat the disposable plates or dangerous toothpicks.

Beware of bones.

Lots of Super Bowl parties = buffalo wings with bones. Chicken bones and dogs are definitely a no-no, so keep an eye on those wing plates.

two dogs with soccer ball

Manage the nibbles.

Many of the tempting nibbles your guests might bring – from trails with raisins to decadent chocolate brownies – are foods that are dangerous to your dog.

Keep an eye on chocolate, raisins, macadamia nuts, onions, grapes, and diet foods containing xylitol.

Tag your dog.

Even if your dog doesn’t usually wear a collar around the house, make sure your dog is marked for party time. The comings and goings of guests and the activity of the day could mean a loose dog.

Designate a dog guardian.

Designate a family member to keep an eye on your dog throughout the fun of the party.

A few minutes of preparation before your Super Bowl party and during the party itself can score a touchdown on dog safety!


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