7 socially distant ideas for family summer vacation

This is a summer like no other and as a result, many family summer vacations have flowed. But there are plenty of safe, socially distant activities, budget-friendly summer vacation spots, and time to do everything before the summer sun goes down.


When considering where to camp, you may prefer the old-school experience of tucking sleeping bags under the starry summer night sky. Or is a cabin more your style? Family camping is one of the classic family summer vacations that is even trendier now because it is socially distant by nature and doesn’t have to be two meters from trees, streams or wildflowers.


Get started boating this summer to create some distance between your family and the rest of the world. Packed lunches, ice cold drinks, and a bluetooth speaker that blows a yacht rock playlist will get you to one of the best watery summer vacation spots.


The word “serene” is not usually associated with parenting, but a family fishing trip can help create bonding opportunities and we can dare say a dose of serenity. As you help your kids bait their hooks, then throw the waves and watch them slowly expand across a calm lake, you will feel closer than ever to the people you love most.


Maybe there isn’t enough time (or budget) for a cross-country road trip this year, but a weekend in the car together can be one of the coolest family vacation spots no matter where you end up! Plan a short route with only 3-5 hours of driving per day, leaving plenty of time to purposely get lost, find hilarious roadside attractions and colorful street art, and sample freshly picked fruits and local sweets along the way.


Camping, even in a cabin, may not be your thing. Try glamping instead. This glamorous version of sleeping outdoors offers the best of both worlds – a natural experience … with no back pain! As with tent life, it’s important to consult a family camping checklist so you don’t forget bedding, bars of soap, external chargers for your tech, and of course S’Mores accessories.

National and State Parks

National parks rightly make headlines when it comes to must-see summer vacation spots (have you ever stood in front of the Grand Canyon or Crater Lake?). But state parks also offer a variety of activities, from family camping to family fishing. and are often more budget friendly with little or no enrollment fee.


A real treasure hunt awaits when you go geocaching during one of your family summer vacation. Use GPS coordinates and smartphones to search nature for silly goodies wrapped in hidden packages that others have left behind in this unique game in the world.


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