6 fun things to do outdoors with your family

The best family memories are created outdoors, in the sunshine and under the starry sky. If you’re planning a weekend camping, day out with the kids water fishing, or a family vacation, consider these fun outdoor activities for kids!


Preparing simple camping meals for the family is one of the most rewarding outdoor activities. For example, a grilled vegetable cheese is a delicious lunch that is easy to cook outside on the grill. With a bagless pita, let your kids load their favorite processed cheese on both sides of thinly sliced ​​onions, peppers, and zucchini, then fold them over into a crescent. If you put your creations on the grill with indirect heat, you will soon be preparing delicious meals for the whole family.

Fishing with children

The quiet solitude of a quiet lake early in the morning with your child by your side – there is nothing like it. Fishing with kids is one of the family’s outdoor activities that spark memories, bond, and with luck, catch the protein of the dinner!


Stack stone

This is one of the coolest outdoor family activities … and it doesn’t cost a dime! Rock stacking is equally a natural Jenga and modern art project and one of the “zen” things out in the open as it encourages intense focus but also allows for artistic expression with different colors, shapes and angles. Whether your child prefers the organic, clean lines from Frank Lloyd Wright or the extravagant, wild curves from Antoni Gaudi, stacking stones is a screen-free activity that is sure to leave a mark.

Rocks-640x280- (1) .jpg

scavenger hunt

Ideally, all fun outdoor activities for children will inspire physical exercise, exploration and appreciation of nature. An outdoor scavenger hunt checks all of these boxes! Hide simple, colorful items in your yard or campsite, make a mental note (or a written list) of your hiding spots and let your kids go to find as many as possible. The winner will get additional sprinklers on their ice after dinner!

Painting outdoors

Set up the whole family with canvases and some paint and brushes and paint together outdoors. You will see the limitations of indoor art disappear as natural light adds energy and beauty to your landscapes. Technical proficiency is not the point but one of the most creative outdoor activities enjoying with your children.

Watching stars

Mapping the night sky is one of the family’s outdoor activities that can take a sweet arc on a great day. Armed with nothing more than a paper guide (or a free smartphone app) to the night sky, finding constellations while looking at stars will both delight and relax young children at the end of each day.


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