6 fun things to do on fall weekends

School is back in class, and even if this happens in front of the camera at home instead of in the classroom, families have to do fun things on weekends to spice things up in family life! Here are six outdoor fall activities for families.

Pick an apple

Of all the fun things to do with your kids on the weekend, nothing is as crispy and tasty as picking apples. You walk along rows of trees, grab the best of the group and pose with your children for adorable photos. Bonus: Peeling apples and making homemade applesauce could become your new favorite fall traditions.

Make a leaf maze

Sure, you can (and should) rake leaves into a pile that kids can jump into, but consider stepping up your reading game this fall by creating a winding, circular maze out of those crispy leaves. Walking through a maze of brightly colored leaves is one of the coolest fall outdoor activities to do with your kids.


One of the cutest fun things to do on the weekends of every fall gets even cuter by shifting your focus to tiny little things to pumpkin painting. These palm-sized orange and white pumpkins tend to be cheaper than their bigger brothers, and it’s great to transform them into the five members of One Direction or your toddler’s favorite cartoon characters, for example! Weekend fun isn’t just for boy bands and kid cartoons, however. If you’re looking for fun outdoor activities for adults, paint each pumpkin to look like the apps on your phone’s home screen, then rearrange them to reflect your device. It’s worth Instagram!

Backyard campout

The sticky evening damp has been replaced with a cool one, and your breath is now visible when you and your kids crouch in a tent in your yard with flashlights, reading comics and telling creepy stories. Instead of a weekend getaway outdoors, family camping can be one of the most fun things to do on fall weekends.

Write a fall alphabet book outdoors

Finding the appropriate things for all 26 letters means spending plenty of time outside in the crisp fall air enjoying one of the more low-key fun things to do with kids on the weekend. Start with just a notepad, wander around with your little ones and find acorns (‘A’), leaves (‘L’) and pine cones (‘P’). Soon you will have enough material to put together your own fall alphabet book for outdoors by folding 13 sheets of paper in half and then using colored pencils to draw and color in the articles from A to Z.

Build a pine cone bird feeder

Gather a handful of fallen pine cones and tie string, thread, or ribbon to hang later. Using a butter knife or wooden popsicle, spread plenty of peanut butter around each pine cone and into its crevasses, and roll the sticky cones around in shallow bowls or plates of birdseed. Your pine cone bird feeders ensure that your bird friends have something to eat even in winter. * Pinecone birdhouses can easily be nut allergic by using vegetable fat instead of peanut butter!

In addition to autumn fishing, you can now enjoy outdoor activities in autumn where your children can no longer be held to four walls!


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