5 reasons PrettyLitter is the best cat litter

When it comes to cat litter, pet parents want a product that is clean, easy to use, and odor free. If you’re still using clump-bought junk, it’s time to step up your kitten litter game. PrettyLitter brings cat parents a new way to get the kitty business done with less mess, no odor, and the ultimate in convenience. In addition, it helps pet parents keep an eye on their cat’s health. There are so many reasons PrettyLitter is the best brand of cat litter. Here are the top 5 reasons your cat needs PrettyLitter.

# 1 – PrettyLitter monitors your cat’s health

PrettyLitter differs from store-bought brands in the use of technology to measure the pH of your cat’s urine. With a simple urinalysis, the litter can identify diseases early on. You can also do this from the comfort of your home with PrettyLitter. It can detect health concerns like urinary tract infections, bladder stones, and metabolic acidosis.

The litter changes color based on the pH level. Normal cat urine is dark yellow or olive green, while anything else can indicate an illness.

If you notice any concerns, you can get medical attention for your cat before things move forward. PrettyLitter is not a diagnosis, but it can save you huge amounts of veterinary bills by alerting you to problems before they get worse. After all, cats are masters at hiding pain.

Here are some changes you may notice in your cat’s litter:

Blue litter: When PrettyLitter turns blue or dark green, it means that the cat’s urine has a high pH. The cat could have a urinary tract infection and is at risk of developing bladder crystals and stones.

Yellow litter: A yellow or orange drop is a sign of abnormal acidity. Metabolic acidosis or tubular kidney acidosis may develop in the cat. It can also mean that crystals and stones are forming in the bladder.

Red litter: Red spots mean there is blood in the cat’s urine. Kidney disease, clotting disorders, bladder cancer, and bladder infections are possible reasons.

PrettyLitter is so impressive that it even got a nod in O Magazine’s Smitten Kittens section.

Pour PrettyLitter

# 2 – super practical

You can remove trash from your shopping list and say goodbye to lugging heavy garbage bags home. PrettyLitter delivers its light trash to your door for free every month. Shipping is free throughout the continental United States and most provinces in Canada.

With automatic shipping, you don’t even have to think about when to switch litters. A bag of PrettyLitter lasts 3-4 weeks (depending on the size of the cat and the litter box). You can even get a deal if you need to buy multiple bags for more than one cat.

You can schedule your shipment to arrive when it’s time to change the trash. Taking care of your cat’s business has never been so convenient.

Real Simple agrees, including PrettyLitter in the “Small Products That Make Life Easier” section.

Girl pouring cat litter

# 3 – The BEST in odor control

The most common complaint with pet parents is the inevitable smell that comes from the litter box. The only smell worse than peeing or pooping is the natural smell of cat waste covered in some floral scent that is added to the litter. No thanks!

Fortunately, PrettyLitter is odorless and odorless. Upon contact with urine, it traps the odor and then removes the moisture. With PrettyLitter, you’ll never smell your cat’s dirty business again.

PrettyLitter customer Jen is so impressed with PrettyLitter’s odor control that she thinks it’s magical:

“I have a small, very warm apartment and odor control with my cat’s crate has always been a problem and very expensive as it has to be replaced more often. I spent too much money to change his old litter often. With that, I only need one bag a month and I can stand within a foot of the litter box and smell nothing. Sorcery.”

# 4 – Just clean

Cleaning up has never been easier than with PrettyLitter. Gone are the days when lumps of urine were scooped out of the litter box! PrettyLitter’s special crystal litter doesn’t clump and only requires regular stirring to control your cat’s urination. Then just scoop up the poop as usual.

Switching litters becomes less of a problem if you only have to do it every 3-4 weeks. Plus, less dust means less sweeping.

One PrettyLitter customer, M, swears she’ll never use any other litter after trying PrettyLitter for a few weeks:

“Too good to be true? Not in your life! I was skeptical when I first ordered. After only 3 weeks I’ll never use anything else. The ease of it. No more smelly lumps. Shovel the poop, stir the rest. Seeing the color that lets me know my cat is healthy is also comforting. Sign me up for life. “

PrettyLitter pink litter box

# 5 – Safe for the whole family

PrettyLitter is made of silica gel crystals. It is NOT made from crystalline silica, the ingredient in many store-bought brands of lump. Crystalline silica is a known human lung carcinogen and causes havoc in allergy sufferers.

PrettyLitter is also free from sodium bentonite, a clumping agent. Sodium bentonite, when ingested by your cat or little one, can cause intestinal blockages. It also creates dust that is harmful to the lungs of anyone who breathes it.

Eliminate unnecessary risks to the health of your entire family with waste that contains non-toxic silica gel.

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