5 Great Places to Fish in Mississippi

As one of the five states bordering the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi is a notable freshwater and saltwater fishing destination in the southeastern United States. There are 119 public freshwater lakes across the state, as well as reefs and wrecks off the coast. Here are some great Mississippi fishing spots for anglers of all skill levels.

1. Gulf of Mexico

Mississippi has 44 miles of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico, making it easily accessible for saltwater fishermen. Many species of trophies can be attacked both on land and offshore – from redfish and flounder near the coast to cobia and amberjack in deep-sea waters. For a more relaxing pier experience, try fishing or wading.

2. Sardis Lake

At 98,520 acres, Sardis Lake is of enormous size and popularity and is considered one of the best places to fish for crappies in Mississippi. Located on the Little Tallahatchie River, this reservoir is home to healthy populations of various bass species, catfish and / or, of course, crappies.

3. Grenada Lake

Another popular crappie fishing destination, Lake Grenada was originally created as a flood protection lake on the Yalobusha River. Largemouth bass, bream, and catfish can also be targeted here, making it another of the best places to fish in Mississippi. Make a weekend of it by camping at Hugh White State Park on the southern end of the lake.

4. Ross Barnett Reservoir

This huge 33,000 acre reservoir is located on the Pearl River and serves as the state’s largest drinking water resource. Professional anglers recommend fishing in the shallower waters where you can land bass, bream, crappies, and catfish.

5. Neshoba County State Lake

If you are looking for the best places to fish for trophy bass in Mississippi, this is the place. This 138 acre lake is home to dense vegetation that provides plenty of healthy habitats and food sources for big bass. Numerous state record fish that break the 14 pound mark have been documented here.

Now that you know where to fish, be sure to get your fishing license before checking off your list of Mississippi fishing spots. Enjoy!


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