4 things to consider when buying a saltwater fishing net

A saltwater fishing net is an important tool that almost every angler should have, regardless of the type of fishing. These types of nets are used to land fish safely and harmlessly so that they can be unhooked and released. Of course, there are all kinds of shapes, sizes and styles to choose from. When buying saltwater wading fishing nets, here are four fishing accessories and features that you should possibly be considering.

1. Size of the network

The size of a saltwater fishing net depends largely on the type of fish you are chasing. If you plan to fish for trophy brown trout, your net needs to be much larger than for small brown trout. Just make sure you don’t bring a net that is too small or you could harm the fish.

2. Length of the handle

For boat fishing, a longer handle is required to reach over the side towards the fish. It can also help reduce the time it takes to get the fish to the boat, resulting in a healthier release and less stress on the fish. For wading, you’ll likely tie the net to a backpack, belt, or waders, which means you’ll want to choose a handle that’s shorter or more retractable and less intrusive.

3rd strap

If you plan to hike or wade in the water to your fishing spot, you will need to pack a lot of your critical gear on your body. Look for a saltwater fishing net with a small strap that can be easily tied for travel.

4. Flotation

This is especially important for saltwater wading fishing nets. Some nets have rubber handles or floating tubes that allow them to float when dropped. When wading in an area with a current such as a river, it may be wise to find a net with a swimming feature in case it is dropped in the excitement of the fish landing.

Now that you know what to look for in a saltwater fishing net, check out these helpful tips on how to land a fish. Also, make sure you have your fishing license updated before getting in the water. Have fun fishing!


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