4 outdoor activities for families in spring

It’s that time of year again when people across the country are thinking about outdoor family fun. The final frost will be here soon, so it will soon be time to get those flowers and vegetables in the ground, hit the water, and fill your days with fun family outdoor activities. Here are 4 simply awesome things to do outdoors this spring, including pontoon boating, of course!

1. Pontoon boating

As we slowly emerge from a challenging twelve months, celebrate with a literally smooth sailing by pontoon boat trips as a family! Outdoor family fun on a pontoon boat is easy because:

  • They can fit the whole family and probably some friends too!
  • Thanks to its stability on the water, anyone can fish from a pontoon boat.
  • Pontoon boats are relatively easy to operate.

Whether you rent or buy a pontoon boat, make 2021 the year you have more family fun on the water!

2. Plant a garden

There is no immediate satisfaction in gardening unless you count the original pleasure of dipping your hands in cool ground, but what is more rewarding than watching the fruits (or rather, the vegetables) of your labor bloom? Planting a garden pit – either in the ground, in a raised bed, or simply in a pot – is one of the best family outdoor activities to do in spring.

3. Take the kids fishing

Few things to do outdoors screams out a “fun family weekend” than going to a favorite fishing hole with your favorite people. This spring, you should take your kids fishing at least once a month as the time it takes to glue it is invaluable and fishing is one of the best outdoor activities for kids.

4. Encouragement rocks

Do you want an easy and fun way to make others in your community feel like you are seen and loved? In this outdoor artistic and therapeutic activity with children, you collect smooth stones on which you paint happy scenes (rainbows, smiles, hearts, etc.) and write sweet messages like “Be nice to yourself”, “You are enough”. “Joy” and “You Rock”. Once dry, place your brightly colored stones in local parks and sidewalks so people can find them, smile and hopefully cheer them up. When it comes to family outdoor activities, nothing feels better than taking care of each other.

Looking for more family fun outdoors? Check out these 7 family outdoor activities for fun on and around the water!

Jeff Bogle

Jeff is a father to teenage daughters, avid travelers, photographers, and freelance writers. He has authored stories on family travel, outdoor recreation, the environment, parenting, and more for Fodor’s, Reader’s Digest, Parents’ Magazine, Good Housekeeping, PBS, and Esquire, among others. Find him on his blog, and on Instagram @OWTK. Jeff is also the editor of the quarterly literary zine Stanchion


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