3 paw kitten determined to keep up with its siblings after being nursed back to health

Champion The kitten is determined to keep up with other kittens after jumping back on its three paws.

Jin’s bottle babies

A litter of five kittens were given to a veterinary clinic in Phoenix, Arizona after they were found orphaned.

They were less than a day old and still had their eyes closed. One of them had an injured foot and was the smallest in the bunch. His name is champion.

The clinic reached out to Shelbi Uyehara, founder of Jins Bottle Babies, a volunteer rescue operation, and asked if they could take her in. Without hesitation, Shelbi took the five motherless kittens into her care and began bottle-feeding them around the clock.

Defend Jin kitten’s Bottle Babies

The kittens were hand-raised every two hours and were kept in a cozy incubator covered with blankets and cuddly toys. Champion was the rest of the litter, but a fighter from the start.

“We got her around 12 hours of age and all of his siblings were normal birth weights, but Champion was about 20 grams less than them,” Shelbi told Love Meow.

The little tabby always tried to keep up with his bigger siblings and didn’t let anything stop him.

Jin’s bottle babies

“His paw was likely strangled by the umbilical cord during childbirth. When he was about 10 days old, the (bad) foot fell off, but his leg healed wonderfully,” added Shelbi.

The champion reached milestone after milestone despite only having three paws. He was active and curious, always watching his siblings and trying to imitate them.

Jin’s bottle babies

The little kitten with the three paws followed its littermates through the nest and never missed any action.

JJ, a Siamese mix, joined the litter of five after coming to the rescue as a singleton. She was quickly accepted by the other kittens. Champion took her under his wing and started cuddling with his new sister.

Jin’s bottle babies

In just a few weeks, Champion caught up to his size by eating to his heart’s content each time he was fed.

As other kittens started venturing out of their nests and learning to walk, he figured out how to balance with three paws and made an effort to keep up with his siblings.

Jin’s bottle babies

Check out Champion the Kitten in this cute video:

Champion the kitten

Whenever Shelbi enters the care room, she quickly raves about the four-legged kittens. But Champion will just sit back and stare at her with his big eyes and get her attention.

“He wants to be picked up so that he can be held in my arms. He wants to be special,” said Shelbi.

Jin’s bottle babies

After the kittens got through a large playpen, Champion made it his business to play and rough like any other kitten. He was able to adapt and adapt remarkably.

The little wonder kitten may take a few falls, but gets up right away and tries again. Now he can run, jump and climb like a pro. Having three paws doesn’t limit him.

Champion the kitten with 3 pawsJin’s Bottle Babies

“He loves to play soccer with ping pong balls. He also loves to eat and sleep in your lap,” Shelbi shared with Love Meow.

Champion provides endless entertainment for everyone around him with his goofy antics and whimsical personality.

Jin’s bottle babies

After the cute tabby runs around the house and tries to chase after jumping toys, he crawls onto his human’s lap and immediately falls asleep.

Jin’s bottle babies

Champion insists on doing everything just like other kittens and is determined to live full lives.

Jin’s bottle babies

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