27 Cat Tattoos That Will Make You Crush For More Ink

As cat lovers, we see cats as the living works of art that they are and see them as the muse for creative projects in all media. From color to prose, cats offer endless inspiration. This is also true of the art of tattooing, and which motif is better than a cat for filling a canvas of skin?

If you love the tattoo life and just can’t get enough ink, reach out to your cat for information on your next piece. Cat fans will often tell you that they got their cat-inspired tattoos thanks to the impact cats have on their lives.

Your cat is unique, just like you and your imagination. Anything your unique mind’s eye can imagine a tattoo artist can do. Do you want to have a funny cat inked forever? Great! How about a watercolor? Or geometric? Cool, both would be fantastic. A perfect portrait in honor of your best friend? Absolutely touching.

Check out these cat-inspired tattoos to see where imagination has taken these cat lovers!

Cat tattoos that will make you crave more ink

A sketchy portrait of a Snaggle-Toothed Sweetie …

@ hajnalka.szabo / Instagram

A portrait tattoo of Atlas the cat and his favorite things …

@ crappy_name / Instagram

Marilyn Furever, a perfect portrait …

Chronic Ink Tattoo Shops / Facebook

A complicated line portrait has a deep effect on the emotions …

@ Flanlo / Instagram

Double view! Two cat tattoos in one …

@ thegallery_tattoo / Instagram

Here’s an avocat to capture the fun side of one one-eyed cat named avocado!

Cat tattoos

@ Zahnboytattoos / Instagram

Neo-traditional flowers and cats are always beautiful …

@ inkformed / Instagram

Here’s another gem among the flowers …

@ pliszkamagdalena / Instagram

A sweet and captivating bouquet of cats …

@ fortyonetattoo / Instagram

This geometric cat tattoo looks amazing from all angles …

@ Kittytattoos / Instagram

Wonderful in watercolor!

@ Yuveza / Instagram

Dreaming in watercolors …

Controse / Facebook

Purrmaids make for magical tattoos, especially if they’re caticorns too!

@ Kittytattoos / Instagram

Cat lover Molly immortalized her cat as a cute Purrmaid!

@ / Instagram

Cats think they are divine and a tattooed cat lover honors this with ink …

@ emy_blacksheep / Instagram

This regal tortie cat tattoo proves cats wear kings well …

@ lucaskvg / Instagram

Something says the cat behind this tattoo really knows how to get a tune out …

Tattoos and Tattoo Art / Facebook

And sometimes cat tattoos are just fun …

@ Sailorselkies / Instagram

And totally cute!

@attoo_lusaiyajin / Instagram

Cat tattoos can be minimal and still say a lot …

@ brujas.tattoos / Instagram

A completely black minimal concept makes a nice memory …

@ Jipsyrose / Instagram

Why stop at a cat when you can colorize the entire squad?

@ / Instagram

Kittens are great for tattoos too!

@ Mammothamerican / Instagram

And then there are the famous cat characters that inspire many tattoos, like the Aristocats …

Cat tattoos

@ disneytatts / Instagram

Nyan Cat makes a wonderfully dark turn …

Nyan Cat / Facebook

And don’t forget, cats and space go well with ink …

@ esoterictattoos / Instagram

Remember, a cat tattoo can be anything your mind dreams of, including cats playing on a moonlit beach before heading for the stars on a flying saucer!

Cat tattoos

Chompoonut Huayhongthong / Facebook

With these visions and the cat love in your heart, let your creativity unfold and imagine your perfect cat tattoo!

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Feature Image: @ esoterictattoos / Instagram & @ kittytattoos / Instagram


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