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Simms Military Discount: A Nod to the Brave

Aug 4

Simms Fishing Products, a pioneer in high-quality fishing gear and clothing, takes immense pride in supporting the military community. Through their generous military discount, Simms ensures that active duty, retired personnel, reservists, and veterans have access to their top-quality offerings at a discounted rate.

The discount extends across a broad spectrum of Simms' inventory, from waders and fishing jackets to boots and accessories. To avail of this discount, military personnel need to verify their status through the Simms website. The verification process is swift and straightforward, after which the discount is automatically applied to their account for all future purchases.

Simms' military discount program is a clear reflection of their core values. As a brand committed to quality and service, they recognize the importance of giving back to the brave men and women of the military. By offering this discount, Simms demonstrates their deep respect for the military community and acknowledges their service and sacrifice for our nation.