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Easy To Use Kadence WP

Jul 24

Kadence WP is a simple theme to use and provides a wide range of features. It comes with a variety of starter templates that can be imported to save time during the design process. It also supports both Gutenberg and Elementor.

Unlike Genesis, Kadence offers greater flexibility in building your website layout with dynamic blocks. You can even add custom unique content such as images, maps and text with ease.

Easy to use

Kadence is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that isn’t designed for a specific niche, but rather is visually neutral. It offers a wide range of customization options and features to help you build your site quickly. It also includes a plugin with free starter templates to get you started.

The theme is easy to use, with a granular design that allows you to tweak every aspect of your website. For example, you can change colors and pick your favorite fonts with just a few clicks. You can even set up custom header and footer styles. Other features include a scroll to top button and a one-click performance boost that preloads css in the header.

In addition to the classic pages, Kadence also provides a special layout for blog posts and archive pages. You can also create a separate 404 page and choose how to display it. Kadence also has a header add-on that lets you easily add search, social links, and a custom copyright notice.


Kadence is easy to install, but you will want to create a staging copy of your site before you push it live. This way, you can double-check your custom headers and footers, adjust the global color palette, add Google Analytics and other scripts, etc.

It also includes hooks for including a Google Analytics snippet in your wp_head, eliminating the need to use a plugin. The theme also offers a variety of other customization options.

One standout feature is its ability to customize the header layout, and it comes with several premade templates for unique content. It also allows you to customize the color and image sizes of your pages and posts. Its color settings go beyond the standard options available on most other themes and include a full color scheme. Its header builder is also more powerful than most others. It supports both transparent and sticky headers and has a number of different styles. It also has a conditional header option for specific post types and pages.


Kadence is a responsive theme that allows you to configure post and page layouts effortlessly. It also offers a lot of other customization options that you wouldn’t find in most free themes.

The Kadence theme comes with a great set of global color options and typography settings, including font options for body text, headings (h1-h6), and breadcrumbs. With this, you can easily set your site’s colors with just a few clicks and without having to write custom CSS.

Another great feature of Kadence is that it is optimized for loading speed and SEO. This theme gets high scores on Google PageSpeed Insights’ desktop and mobile tabs. It also has a lightweight structure and SVG icons.

The premium version of Kadence comes with a plethora of header addons, which are available to use on a per-row basis. These are more extensive than the ones found in the free version of the theme and give you almost twenty additional customization options for your website header.


Kadence coupon is an all-in-one theme that offers several features to make your website SEO-friendly. It allows you to customize your blog’s standard post layout and design, as well as its archives and search results pages. It also offers a variety of customizable global color settings. This makes it easy to create a consistent color scheme across your site without any additional code.

In addition, it has a number of settings that allow you to optimize your site’s content for the mobile tab of Google Page Speed Insights. These include a Largest Contentful Paint of 2.1 seconds and a Cumulative Layout Shift of 0 ms.

Another perk of the theme is its compatibility with many third-party plugins such as WooCommerce, Give, Tutor LMS and LifterLMS. It also includes a drag-and-drop page builder and is fully responsive. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and is perfect for those looking for an easy way to design their website.