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How Long Is Too Long For A Dog To Be In A Car?

Dec 16

The open road is calling - and your four-legged companion can join in on the adventure! Take a break from exploring unfamiliar places alone, and experience new sights with an enthusiastic pup by your side. Road trips are sure to be more enjoyable when man's best friend tags along for the ride.


You've probably already started packing—and everything is ready for the trip. But is your dog ready for the long ride? Take note how much time they have to spend in the car without feeling uncomfortable. 


But no worries, we’ll discuss everything about that here. Read on!


How Long is Too Much Time? 


The kilometers can pass quickly if you have coffee, an energy drink, and some enjoyable music. But a long period spent in the car can be agonizing for your dog! 


In addition to frequent bathroom stops, dogs also need to exercise and burn off some energy to relax in the car. Giving your dog food and drink while driving could get messy, so stops are an excellent time to do it 


Several things, like your dog's age or health, can affect how long they can ride in the car. Although it could be challenging, you should follow your dog's regular eating and bathroom schedule when traveling. You should plan on driving at most 7 hours a day and give your dog breaks every 2 to 4 hours for approximately 15 to 30 minutes each.


Your planned stops may be altered by a variety of factors, such as:


  • Younger puppies may still be learning to "hold it," so they may require more frequent potty breaks every two hours or less—because they may still be learning to do so.
  • The capacity to "hold it" for extended durations may be fading in older dogs, who may also need to stop more frequently.
  • Dogs that are taking drugs that promote elimination or have specific medical issues.
  • Dogs with motion sickness may require frequent stops because of their nausea.
  • Canines with travel anxiety can only spend brief durations in a moving vehicle.


Most often, it’s a good idea to go on a few test drives before your dog travels by car to see how they handle it. You might be able to find out if your dog suffers from any treatable diseases, like travel anxiety or motion sickness. 


Your dog's motion sickness and nervousness could be prevented with a few straightforward treatments, resulting in fewer stops and more pleasure for both of you!


Main Points to Think About


Be careful to keep safety in mind as you prepare for your dog and take the ultimate mutt road trip. A canine first aid kit should always be accessible to treat unanticipated wounds. In addition, use cages, to keep your dog safe in the automobile, consider booster seats, pet seat belts, and harnesses.


The most important rule is never to leave your dog alone in the vehicle. A dog confined to a hot automobile may have heat stroke or freeze in a cold climate. 


Even in pleasant weather, leaving your cherished friend in an unexpected location can put undue strain on them, which could hurt them or your car. Hire a dog walker or sitter to watch over your priceless canine companion while you are away if you plan to visit a place that is only open to humans.


The best travels for your dog are the ones you take with them, so keep that in mind while arranging your trip with Animal People, Pet Sitting & Dog Walking. Think about your dog and your entire trip will go smoothly!