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5 Common Myths About Dog Bites That Every Parent Should Know

Sep 13

Dog bites can cause serious and sometimes devastating injuries not only to adults but to children as well. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know exactly what dogs are feeling and thinking, and a dog doesn’t necessarily have to be provoked to bite. If you or your children get bit by a dog that isn’t your own, it’s important to know your rights. There are many myths surrounding dog bites, so let’s dive a little deeper into 5 of the most common and what you should know as a parent.

Myth #1: Dog Bites Aren’t That Serious

Dog bites can actually be quite serious—especially for small children. It’s likely easier for an adult to break away from a dog due to their strength in comparison to that of a child. If your child gets bitten, it’s important to head to the doctor immediately in case stitches are needed.

Myth #2: Small Dogs Won’t Bite

In some situations, small dogs can be more aggressive than bigger dogs—it depends entirely on the specific dog. They may have less patience for children or simply have more of a temper. Though it’s impossible to know for sure what a certain dog’s triggers are or how they’ll react around kids, it’s best to play it safe no matter the size.

Myth #3: Injuries from Dogs Are Rare

Injuries from dogs actually rank hirer for children than injuries on the playground or from crashing a bicycle, according to the CDC. Keep in mind that almost any dog can bite a person if they’re provoked or triggered in some way. It’s important to have your guard up at all times, no matter how well you think you know a dog.

Myth #4: Children Aren’t Likely to Be Bitten by Dogs

Children are far more likely to provoke or roughhouse a dog without actually knowing what they’re doing. Because of that, they’re even more likely to be bitten than an adult. Additionally, some dogs may be uncomfortable with children’s erratic behavior and respond from a place of fear.

Myth #5: If the Dog is Comfortable With Adults, It Will Feel the Same About Children

It’s important to remember that dogs typically react out of fear if they’re triggered. While an adult may know how to be gentle and calm with a scared dog, children don’t necessarily know to do that. As a parent, be sure you explain to your kids the importance of treating all dogs gently and with respect—whether it’s your own pet or someone else’s.

A Final Note

According to experienced dog bite lawyers in Las Vegas, dog owners have a duty to protect people from being bitten by their pets. If you or your child is bitten by a dog who’s owner was negligent of their responsibility, they could be held liable. Reach out for help as soon as possible to get the legal support and compensation you deserve.