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Is it safe to hire a dog walker?

Aug 12

The professional dog walking service is one of the best things about pet sitting in Charlotte. It's natural to be concerned about your dog's safety and security, as well as the security of your home if you're considering hiring a dog walker. A dog walker will need to enter your home while you are away. How do you know you can trust the person who has access to your home and pets?


That word comes up again. Trust. Anyone hired by a reputable dog walking company will be thoroughly vetted, and background checked. Do you need more assurance? Any dog walker who meets with you for an initial consultation should have no problem addressing home access concerns and thoroughly discussing preferred entry methods. A dependable professional dog walker will handle alarm disarming/arming and will not be concerned if you have surveillance cameras installed.


Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking has built its reputation and earned the trust of its clients over years of providing impeccable, honest service. Clients nowadays frequently have multiple camera systems in and around their homes. A professional dog walker will gladly assist a client with such a situation. It serves two purposes: first, as proof of a job well done, and second, we want our clients to feel at ease! If our clients are pleased with the added peace of mind, we are also!


Keeping Your Keys and Data Safe

Make sure to inquire about privacy. How secure is your personal information? What people have access to it? What happens to credit cards and banking information? How do you label your house keys? Who can access them? When not in use, how are they stored?


While protecting your home and keys is critical, you should also be extra cautious in asking safety questions about your dog(s)!! A reputable, professional, and trustworthy dog walker will ask you specific questions to ensure the safety of your furry loved one while in their care. For example, what type of leash, collar/harness does your dog use for walks? How do they behave when they come into contact with other people? Other dogs? What about other animals in nature? Are there any houses in the neighbourhood that you should avoid? What commands do you want to be reinforced on walks? (Does your dog, for example, sit before entering a crosswalk or when other dogs pass by?)

Do bicycles make your dog nervous, agitated, or defensive? Is your dog bothered by the loud noises of diesel engines? Is there a particular path your dog prefers to take? Or a preferred location to conduct their "business"? All of these questions will assist your dog walker in determining the steps necessary to keep your dog (and themselves!) as safe as possible, so don't be shy about sharing the details!

Following Your Pet Care Instructions and Keeping Your Pets Safe


On any given day, a dog walker may visit several homes. There are numerous factors to consider when determining the "average" number of dog walks a person can complete in a single day. When vacation care is included, a professional dog walker can have up to 20 client visits per day during our busiest times. Not only does each house have its details, but so does each dog and pet! That's a lot of information to remember! Ascertain that your dog walker has a secure and efficient method of placing everything and accessing these details when needed.


At Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, we keep a secure and encrypted online database of all our clients' information. This includes contact information, medical details, feeding schedules, behaviour notes, and more. We also take digital photos of each dog in our care to have on file. If a pet ever gets loose, this comes in handy - we can quickly share their photo with local shelters, police, and veterinarians.


When looking for a professional dog walker, ask about their policies and procedures for receiving and storing pet care instructions. This will give you peace of mind that your beloved pet is in good hands!