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Pet Nanny Charlotte, NC

Jul 27

Pet owners throughout the world regard their pets as members of their families. We recognize that pet owners want someone they can rely on to care for their pets while away. At Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, we understand that. That is why, whenever customers require expert pet sitting near them in Charlotte, NC, we make every effort to meet their pet care requirements.


Nannies for pets are not easy to come by. There are plenty of people out there who are willing to dog sit or cat sit, but not everyone is ready to do so with the same level of dedication and commitment that we offer at Animal People. We believe that our customers' pets deserve the best possible care while away, which is why we only work with the most qualified and experienced pet nanny in the area.


Finding time to take your pet for a walk can be challenging whether you are traveling, working long hours, or simply having a busy day. Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking has proven to be a helpful pet sitting service company for Charlotte, NC residents. Our Charlotte, NC pet watching service is exceptionally beneficial to pet owners who frequently travel or who simply wish to keep their pets entertained while they are away on vacation.


With our hectic lifestyles, many pet owners have discovered that hiring a pet nanny near me is the best option. Pets benefit from consistency when staying with a pet sitter since they feel less stressed knowing someone they know is watching over them and taking care of their needs. Furthermore, many pet owners consider pet watchers to be a less expensive and more caring alternative to the cost and worry of boarding their pet. Finally, pet nanny services provide pet watching services for people who need to leave town or go to work, giving pet owners peace of mind knowing that their pets are secure in familiar settings.


Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking provides pet sitting services to pet owners in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Our pet nannies also provide pet taxiing for a fee. If you require pet sitting services, it is critical to research professional pet nannies in your region to ensure that your pet is secure and receiving the pet sitting services they require. You don't need to search much farther, thankfully. You may rely on our professionals to provide dependable services at the most reasonable prices. So, please make an appointment and join our vast list of delighted customers!


Affordable Pet Sitting Charlotte NC

The pet industry is massive and rapidly expanding. According to the 2012-2013 National Pet Owners Survey, the United States has more than 78 million pet dogs and 74.1 million pet cats (American Veterinary Medical Association [AVMA], 2013). As a result, pet owners will require pet services as pet ownership rises to keep their pets healthy and happy. Pet sitting is one of these pet services.


Pet owners are willing to pay for pet sitting services. Whereas pet owners used to let their dogs wander free outside, they now want to keep their pets indoors, where they can be happy and comfortable. Pet sitting firms are getting more popular as individuals choose to have pet dogs over pet dogs due to this shift in pet ownership preferences. Pet sitters' charges for pet sitting vary greatly. Some seasoned pet care providers charge as little as $18 per day. Others, on the other hand, may charge up to $45 or more every visit, depending on the service given and the location of the pet owner.


A bonded and insured pet sitting firm, such as Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, is advised. Pet owners are advised not to hire anyone who has no expertise in pet sitting, pet sitting with pals, or pet sitters who work from home. Fortunately, if you require experienced pet sitting in Charlotte, NC, our professionals are always available to assist you. We are a group of trained pet sitters with years of expertise.


Pet & Dog Nanny in the Charlotte Area

A pet can be a member of your family, yet there are times when pet owners must leave their pet at home. You're getting the best when you hire Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking for pet nanny services in Charlotte, NC. This is why:


Our pet nannies are trained and experienced experts that provide superior pet care.

  • Security- Because pet sitting is such an essential job, we do background checks on all of our pet sitters.
  • Positive relationship- In order to provide the best pet sitting service possible, we strive to build a positive relationship between you and your pet sitter.
  • Convenience- Pet owners can hire pet sitters on an as-needed basis.


Our in-home pet sitting Charlotte service offers all the services you'd expect from a pet care provider and additional pet-related services not often included in pet sitting contracts. For example, our pet sitters may take your dog for daily walks and play if you need it. In addition, we will ensure your pet has sufficient food and water if you require it. We will also play with your pet, clean the kennel, dispense medication, collect your mail, and perform other everyday activities.


We enjoy pet sitting, so we must provide the most wonderful pet sitting near me available. You may learn more about Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking by calling us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


Dog Nanny Charlotte NC: What We Do Best

Pet nanny Charlotte at Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking involves caring for your pets at your home while you are gone or caring for your pet (s) at our pet care facility. We promise that your pet is looked after the same way you care for them!


Before they are permitted to pet sit for Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking pet sitting Charlotte NC service, our pet nannies are properly inspected and examined. Furthermore, we do background checks and reference checks on past pet owners to ensure that pet owners are getting the best in-home pet watches possible!


We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are ready to accept your pet care service request anytime or night. All of our pet sitters are pet owners themselves, so they understand what they require the most!