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Know the Right Way to Take Care of Trees Damaged by Winter Snow and Ice

Jul 24

The winter snow and ice can create chaos in trees and other landscaping surrounding your home. In the northeast region of CT, each winter, broken branches, leaning and split trees are frequent. Although you cannot control the weather, you can assist your trees to recover in the spring.


How do you get plants back after winter?

These are some ideas from Tree Service CT professionals to assess the damage to trees and then get rid of it after winter.




If you see downed electrical wires, stay away! If you notice any, stay away from your utility company. After a storm, you must address any damaged or fallen power lines or entangled branch problems.


Next, check for limbs of trees reaching over your house, driveway, or other structures. Tree care services CT should fix these safety issues as soon as they arise.


For emergencies that are not life-threatening, you can contact your municipality's public works department and report obstructions or trees that block roads or walkways.


Examine your trees for damage


Review your trees after the winter storm, heavy snowfall, or freezing rain. This check should be done towards the close of winter to ensure your trees are secure and ready for spring. With the additional weight of the spring foliage, any structural issues in your trees will likely become more apparent (potentially dangerous).


What to watch out for after an icy winter storm and before spring:


  • A limb that is swinging (these can drop at any time, so be aware of trees with hanging branches)
  • shattered
  • snarl
  • Bending branches and trees that snow bend, as well as branches
  • a split tree (this is quite common in Bradford pears and multi-stemmed trees)
  • There are signs that a tree is falling or a tree leaning
  • The leader is shattered or (the principal upward branch)
  • Damaged cabling (these may be difficult to evaluate without a thorough examination)
  • Broken or fractured limb (these may not be visible from the ground)
  • It can cause hidden damage, such as fallen limbs that block your lawn. If you spot damage to trees during winter storms, it is possible that there could be hidden harm. This is why a professional tree service CT company should be considered.




Salt may have been applied to trees close to roads. The salt that melts off snow causes soil erosion and exposes trees close to snow-covered driveways or sidewalks.


The mechanisms for a defense that shields trees from damage caused by salt are not in place. Look for signs of salt damage during the growing and spring seasons. A few damages may not be evident until later.


Winter salt damage symptoms include:


  • Dying evergreen needles and leaves
  • In the winter, this happens more often on trees that receive salt spray from neighboring roadways. The needles and leaves of trees become lost, and branches turn ugly.
  • The deterioration of branches and twigs is evidence of salt damage in deciduous trees.
  • Salt damage is a part of the northeastern part of CT during winter. There are methods to safeguard your trees, shrubs, and perennials.


Learn how to save trees from salt damage


Make sure you know the Condition of your Tree.

Assess the health of your tree as well as any storm damage. The brittle wood of rapidly growing shade trees such as silver maples, elms, willows,, and birches is simple to break. Even slightly weaker crotch unions can be easily split, similar to those on Bradford pears.


Often, severely damaged trees suffer from significant decay and rot, which a homeowner might not observe. It's much easier and less costly to address a tree before it begins to deteriorate than repair or remove it later.



The damage to trees may be hidden from the ground, however, it's not the only way to see. The winter storms could split or break limbs on the treetops, posing a risk when wind storms are to follow in the future.


Be careful not to climb a ladder when using a chainsaw or other equipment. Choose a local, reliable tree service in CT. That's where Spear Bro's Tree Care Service comes in. Spear Bro's Tree Care Service is a locally-owned tree service CT business that provides low-cost and professional tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, and trimming services. We take pride in our work, and our clients love our straightforward approach. Whether you need tree removal for a single tree or large-scale commercial or residential projects, You can count on Spear Bro's Tree Service in CT. Contact us today to receive a complimentary estimate.




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