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Benefits of a Dog Waste Removal Service

Jul 24

Dog owners probably find this one of their least favorite chores. But this chore, which is often tedious, must be done frequently for several reasons.

Everyone understands that dog waste can be unsightly. Dog poop can also be very unpleasant. Dog waste is a serious threat to the environment and human health. Even though regular poop scooping is vital, even the most diligent pet owners may sometimes be remiss in their "doody.

Too Pooped handles all of the unpleasant tasks so you can eliminate poop scooping from your to-do list. Too Pooped provides reliable, professional Redmond Oregon pet waste removal services. Based on your needs, we create a healthier and cleaner environment for both you and your pet.

We specialize in pet waste removal. This can happen weekly, every second week, or monthly. Too Pooped also offers a one-time service for dog poop cleanup. This is great for parties outdoors and holidays.

Dog Poop Services -

  • One time per week
  • Every other Wednesday
  • Twice per week
  • Monthly cleaning
  • One-time cleanups for special occasions

Our clients generally find that weekly service is the best for them, but we offer different frequency options depending on what you need. How many dogs do your dogs have? Do you have special needs that might affect your frequency of service or other requirements? Please contact us so we can help you decide the best service plan for you.

The good news is that there are no long-term contracts nor hidden fees. You can cancel your service or make changes to the dog waste removal services. The technician will pick up the dog's poop and remove it from your property. Once they are done, you can close your gate securely.

Too Pooped cares very much about your pet’s health. To protect your pet's health, we use a disinfectant spray every time we go from yard-to-yard. Each property is serviced by us with extra care to protect furry friends. If your dog likes to be accompanied by us, we are more than happy for them to stay with us while we clean up the dog poop. We love dogs and we know your dog will too.

Why should you hire a professional pooper scooter like Too Pooped?

  • Redmond Oregon dog waste disposal is affordable, reliable, and convenient. To accommodate customer budgets and needs, we offer a range of pet waste disposal plans.
  • Too Pooped is a professional who will take care of your pet as well as any other service provider. The health of your pet's stool is an indicator of their health. Too Pooped has saved many pets from serious health problems. We'll let you know if anything is unusual in your dog's poop!
  • Too Pooped is a commercial and residential service that removes pet waste. Pet Butler makes yards easier and safer for homeowners as well as commercial properties.
  • Pet Butler has been helping pet waste cleanup since 1988 -- more than thirty years. We would like to think that we have learned many good habits and best practices throughout all these years.
  • It's not always possible to find enough time to collect, remove and dispose of pet waste in a timely manner. There may be a good, inexpensive service available near you. Why not take advantage?

So, what are you waiting? Let Too Pooped deal with your dog waste and let you get on with what really matters. For a poop free yard, call us today or get a free quote online.



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