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Smart Dog Collars in 2022

May 6

One of the most significant things that a dog owner must have in 2022 is a smart collar. While there are many smart collars on the market today, we only suggest a few and choose the top 5 smart collars available. It could make a wonderful Christmas present for your dog or dog owners.

What is a Smart Collar?

A smart collar is more than just a collar around your dog's neck, it is coupled with advanced technology to keep your pet safe and secure. Smart collars come in a variety of designs, so there's sure to be one that works for you. Some examples are dog GPS tracking, health monitoring, and dog activity trackers. Other smart collars, like the Halo collar, include premium features such as Geo-Fencing your chosen alert location, and virtual fences.

What Do You Need a Smart Collar For?

There are several advantages to having a smart collar for both you and your dog. Some of these include worry-free tracking of your pet's position, as well as detecting potential dog theft. Why don't we apply similar technologies to our dogs as humans do with modern technology in order to enhance their quality of life? We should embrace the ever-changing technologies of 2022 and apply them to our dogs in order to promote their health.


Here are the top 5 smart collars we suggest you invest in for 2022


Whistle Switch Smart Collar

This is the most recent Whistle smart collar, which was launched in July 2021. With a design that fits medium to huge dogs weighing 8 pounds and above, the Gear Sport Dog Harness is IPX8 waterproof certified and suitable for all conditions. The Dogtronics Waterproof Collar, which features a built-in night light that has three settings and can endure up to 20 days on a single charge, is another option. I believe it is quite expensive, and if you choose Whistle over Fi, I would advocate saving money by purchasing the previous Whistle Go model. There's no difference in functionality and there's no need to overpay. It may only be purchased on the official website. 

What Is It About This Collar That Makes It Smart?

  • Real-time monitoring and alerts are available.
  • Features such as health monitoring and capabilities
  • Tele-vet
  • Food portion calculator
  • App for alerts, etc.

AT&T network and Google Maps are used to track your dog's real-time position with this smart collar. You may also be alerted as soon as your dog breaches a curfew or barrier, and you may also receive notifications through the app. It also has an activity tracker that tracks and analyzes your dog's health. You may also create fitness objectives on the app, and it displays the 24-hour walk and activities timeline for your dog. The app also provides a food portion estimator to help you keep your dog healthy and active, as well as a virtual veterinarian consultation.

The Whistle tracker has two pricing options: a one-year and a two-year service. I believe that the one-year plan is overpriced, and the two-year plan is unnecessarily complicated. This will be an additional payment to the tracker’s price which can be helpful for the off-leash experience of your dog. It is still a decent smart collar (same as the Fi one), but I don't see the point in paying extra for both the device and the service.

Halo Smart Dog Collar (Best For the Money)

The most expensive on our list (and the best) is the Halo Smart Collar, which was created and developed by Cesar Milan, one of the world's most renowned dog trainers. The IRIDIUM is a wonderful product with multiple features that make it stand out. It has two hues to choose from: white and black for both the Halo and strap colors. It's also ideal for dogs weighing 20-25 pounds, as there are three sizes available (small, medium, and large) for dogs weighing 20-25 lbs. It's also suggested that you use dogs more than 5 months old with a lighted logo on the app that you can change. This smart collar is composed of strong and flexible custom plastic and rubberized materials, making it long-lasting and versatile. It's also light enough to suit your dog, so you won't have to worry about the weight on its neck annoying it.

What Makes This Collar Unique?

  • Geo-fencing using your smartphone
  • Cesar Milan personally conducted the program.
  • Activity tracking
  • GPS/GNSS tracking
  • App for alerts, etc.

Smart fences (similar to invisible fences technology, but much more advanced) in the Halo smart collar allow you to create up to 20 geofences using the app or by walking on the desired perimeter with the collar. You're worry-free since the app can notify you whenever and wherever you want concerning your dog's position on the boundaries you've established. There's also Cesar Milan's training, which is designed by the famous dog trainer himself. This will help you and your dog learn about each other's behavior, trust, and respect. You may also program your own vocal commands that will be spoken from the collar. The activity and chart of your dog may also be viewed on the app, which can tell you whether he's being active or lazy. This smart collar utilizes GPS/GNSS technology, which may be checked and is always updated on the app.

The Halo collar also has three coverage or subscription options so that you may be in touch with your dog at any time. The three choices are the basic plan, silver plan, and gold plan. The features and access available to you depend on the dog plan you choose. With all of the functions, this smart collar has to offer, I believe that it is well worth the money.

Read the Full Halo Dog Collar review here:


Fi Smart Collar

The most innovative Fi Smart Collar, without a doubt, is first on our list. There's a reason for it. For a few reasons, I tried and tested all of the smart collars on the list, and I'm now using Fi for all of my dogs. Amazing! I love their app's user-friendliness and dog activity monitoring data for my dog. In my region of Oregon, many dog owners use the Fi smart collar and it's wonderful to communicate with them through an app. The assistance has been outstanding. This is quite essential for technological gadgets, and the support was really fast. Finally, when compared to the rest of the collars on this list, the price is extremely reasonable.

What Makes This Collar So Smart?

  • GPS Tracking
  • Use of LTE-M Networks
  • The Fi App includes real-time location tracking.
  • History of the Earth Dog Activity Tracker
  • Find other Fi Collar users near you and become part of the community.
  • Geo-fencing


The chew-proof smart collar is available in gray, yellow, blue, and pink band colors. It has four size options for all breeds because it comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. This dog collar is water-resistant, with an IP68 rating, and can be submerged up to 1.5 m deep in water. The rechargeable battery in this dog's collar may be used for 2 days to 3 months depending on how often the collar's functions are used and how long they are charged. It's tough enough to withstand a dog bite, thanks to its internal metal protection and armored aluminum faceplate. The collar of this harness is made of cloth and has interesting doodly designs, while the LED light on it is quite useful if you're walking your dog at night.

The Fi Smart dog collar has features like a combined GPS and LTE-M network for accurate tracking of your pet's position in remote areas. This tracker also records your sleep, steps, and other activities so you can check them in the Fi app. The app allows you to keep track of your dog's location in real-time, get alerts when they wander away and set daily objectives. You can also use the app to create and define your own geofence for added security.

For the subscription, the Fi smart dog collar comes with three-year, two-year, and one-year subscription package choices. Customers are encouraged to discover the program in its entirety by visiting the site's menu and clicking "start now." After signing up, customers get a 30-day free trial before paying for any of their offers. It's a fantastic alternative because no other manufacturer does. You may test it within 30 days and return it if you don't like it, which is great. These plans can also be paid monthly or when your subscription ends on a weekly basis. Given all of its features and capabilities, I am confident that it is well worth the money.


We hope that this post helps you in deciding which of the greatest smart collars are on the market in 2022. The advancements in technology are encouraging, so we should be aware of their importance for our dogs and purchase them a smart collar to take advantage of it. For me, the choice is Halo because of its smart functions, brand reputation, customer service, and pricing.

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