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Why proper reptile lighting is so important

Dec 23

It is vital that reptile lighting be controlled in order to control the temperature of the living space. It encourages reptiles' natural activity patterns and other nocturnal animal activities. It will allow the animal to get enough sleep.

Reptile lighting is made from a variety of materials, including halogens (including compact fluorescent), mercury vapors (including metal halides), sodiums, and UVA. This combination of sources of light can be used to produce different combinations depending on the level of light required.

Incandescent lamps or ceramic-filled fluorescents are most common. They have a clear cover made of glass to permit heat to escape. Because they can be very hot and cause burns, it is important to take care when you touch one.

Ceramic heaters are a popular way to give heat and light to reptiles. This ceramic heater plugs into standard light sockets, emitting heat and light. These should be placed near the animal's bathing area in order to provide the required warmth.

As with all animals, reptiles require adequate sleep to keep them healthy. Lack of sleep can lead to a lack of energy and even illness. Proper lighting can promote natural sleep cycles for reptile friends.

This is it! With a few simple tips, you can create the perfect environment for your reptile friend. Make sure you have proper lighting in your habitat!


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Article Reference: By: Shane Smith