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Australia's Tutor Initiative is a Game Changer for Melbourne Students

Dec 2

Sending your international student to an educational institution in Melbourne is the right decision to make if you can provide them with the means to achieve true academic success.  

Covid-19 brought a new series of challenges to students all around Australia, most specifically those in Melbourne who experienced the longest lockdown in the world. Interestingly, though, NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy) success rates went through the roof even during lockdown and limited access to classroom learning. 

So how was this done?  

The Melbourne Tutor Initiative

In 2021, as a response to the ongoing lockdowns, schools in Melbourne engaged the assistance of specialised tutors to support those students who were suffering from having their learning interrupted. The program will continue to run in 2022 and has seen $480 million invested into a worthwhile program that ensured students were not disadvantaged.  

Tutors worked in secondary and primary settings based on requirements within the classroom and in small group settings outside of their mainstream class. This was a government initiative that saw great success in terms of results and meant that NAPLAN scores exceeded those of previous years – a key indication that tutoring works.  

How we work with students in Melbourne and around Australia

A results-driven model, the program followed by our Melbourne tutors (and our tutors around the country) inspires and motivates students to achieve their very best. Our tutors work with primary school students and secondary school students and can take their work to the next level to ensure that you are making the most of the quality education that you are paying for.  

A Team Tuition’s core values of integrity, nurturing, service, passion, innovation, resilience and empowerment combine to create a flexible, adaptable model of tuition that can be perfectly tailored to suit the needs of any student. You are invested in the progress of your child and you want to see them succeed in life. A Team Tuition’s successful model can provide the keys that will unlock the door to successful future pathways.  

What is involved? 

Your child will be assessed by our professional tuition team to unpack their core strengths and weaknesses. Their individuality will be considered so a personalised, unique program can be created just for them. The Melbourne model means matching the right tutor to the right student to achieve best results.  

A mindset for success

The mindset of your child will be ascertained to help them develop a growth-based approach instead of focusing on negativity. They will be encouraged to find and nurture balance as they strive to be as successful as they can be. As students learn in different ways, their particular ‘learning language’ will be explored to figure out the best way to teach them using language and activities that they understand and respond to.  

Handling pressure

International students often experience stress and burnout as they take on board a new and challenging school curriculum. A Team Tuition’s model teaches them about how best to deal with these challenges by setting achievable goals within a set timeframe that are measurable and promote growth.  

Organising learning

Time management and study skills are of great importance for your child. These are skills that our tutors can enhance as they prepare for assessment and important examinations.  

Professional and dependable service

This program was developed by psychologists, experts and elite performance coaches with a focus on success. Extensive training and professional development of our tutors means that they are always ahead when it comes to understanding the curriculum and how to get the best results possible for your child.  

The important core subjects like the strands of MathematicsEnglish and the variety of Science subjects like BiologyChemistry and Physics are key areas for your child’s best performance at the end of their formal schooling. Our tutors are highly skilled in these areas and can help guide your child to excellent results.  

A Team Tuition 

A Team Tuition is the tutoring company to choose for your international student’s best interests. Contact us today to help guide your child towards success. We can work with your student in person or online and we provide extensive feedback for parents to help guarantee that you have made the right decision.