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Buddies Bites Release New Dog Treat For Dogs with Anxiety

Nov 27

Buddies Bites Release New Dog Treat For Dogs with Anxiety

Buddies Bites has released an all natural dog treat for dogs anxiety.

Dogs can experience anxiety for several  reasons. From stress caused by fireworks to a full-blown case of separation anxiety, there are plenty of ways that a dog's nerves can get on edge. When that happens it can cause a lot of trauma for both the dog with anxiety and the dog owner.

 The aim of Buddies Bites is to help  dog owners quickly and easily treat this anxiety.

 Separation stress, also called separation anxiety, is a term applied to a variety of behaviors that can occur when a dog is left alone. The severity of separation stress and behaviors associated with this issue vary among dogs. Common symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs include clinginess, pacing, panting, whining, barking or howling inability to settle, hovering near doors, house-soiling (accidents). In severe cases, dogs may become destructive, hurt themselves or attempt to escape.

Many dogs that in the past never exhibited any type of anxiety issues are now experiencing it for the first time due to Covid.  Most businesses required their employees to work from home as covid spread throughout the country.  Their dogs then became used to their owners being home with them all of the time.  Now these pet owners are returning to work and the dogs are obviously not used to this since them have been with them for the past 14 months.

Buddies Bites can help solve this issue.  The all natural dog treats are made with just 7, non-gmo ingredients and have been shown to reduce anxiety in less than 26 minutes. Since they were formulated to be great tasting they are extremely convenient and easy to give to your dog.

Veterinarians are also recommending Buddies Bites to their patients because they also treat and prevent both hip and joint pain.

With the “Love Every Bite” Guarantee, dog owners can try these amazing dog treats virtually risk free.  The immediate refund will be issued immediately for their guaranteed satisfaction.

Buddies Bites are great tasting dog treats that will help get the anxiety in your dog under control in less than 27 minutes.

Buddies Bites are all natural and made with just 7 all natural ingredients and are manufactured in the United States.