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10 ways you can create memorabilia of your pet

Losing a pet is an ordeal any pet owner could experience. It clouds the heart and overflows the soul with sadness and agony. Although such a loss is often the least talked about, pet owners can testify that it is not easy to endure to accept the reality that a favorite companion is now a memory. Cherishing memories and maintaining high quality pictures of your pet can go a long way in guiding you through time of loss. Here are a few ways you can create memorabilia of your pet:

1) Create a photo album with a caption

A photo album or photo book is a memorable keepsake to create for your pet. All you need are the photos you took with your pet while they were alive and a new photo album of your choice. For example, some pet parents love to take photos while playing fetch with their dog. You can also do this, compiling photos from the first game start to the last time, and adding subtitles such as the evolution of the fetch.

To create an organized photo album, first categorize the photos. Separate individual pictures of the pet and let the next category contain the pictures of you and the pet. The third category can be the photos of you, your family, and the pet. Continue until you have exhausted all of the pictures. Determine an appropriate photo book size depending on the number of photos you want to include.

Examine each category, choose the best photos and prepare them for the photo album. Print stickers stick on each of the pictures or get blank labels, attach them to each photo and write a short message while you insert them into the photo album.

2) Hold a memorial service

You can hold a memorial service for your pet. While this practice is not common in most societies because pets are not considered human, you can still use it as a special commemoration of your pet. Preparing for a pet memorial requires extensive preparation. You can request some pet funeral tips or search the web for ways to hold a memorial service for your pet.

3) Create a video for your pet memories

You can create a video for the memories you have about your pet. You can also take photos of your pet and mix them with some videos you may have taken. Videos are one of the most effective ways to keep memories of pets and gain insight into their lives.

If you bought the pet when they were young and took photos of them when they were growing up, there is one thing you can do. They can systematically use the images to observe their entire lives from their younger years to their death. You can also hire a video editor to help you make your video professional.
You can also include some footage from the memorial service towards the end of the video if he or she kept one in memory of their deceased pet.

4) animal portraits

These can be drawings of your pet. When you have the skills to draw one, have it framed and hung on your wall. You can also hire an artist to do this for you. You can be satisfied with a watercolor portrait, oil painting, or sketch of it. Find out what you prefer, something that works for you. The picture of your pet on your walls will help you remember the sweet memories you had before.

5) Registered craft

Messages inscribed on stones and rocks are another great way to create special memorabilia of your pet. Using stencils, you can get simple stones and write notes about your pet. You can also find a specialist, send them the message you want to enroll, and let them do the work for you.

Some also deliver the finished product; You can ask if they are making deliveries or if you need to pick it up. You can safely keep the stone in your home and read the news when you miss your pet.

6) picture frames

Picture frames are available and affordable. You can order a frame to put your pets’ photos in and you can put it next to you on your bedside table. You can also hang it around the house or have it on your coffee table in your living room.
Picture frames usually come in different designs with different materials. Choose the frame that suits your needs. In some cases, some frames can be made to measure so that you can write messages in the frames for your pet.

7) garden monuments

Plant a tree as a memorial to your pet in your yard, in a pet cemetery, or anywhere in your community. You can also sponsor tree planting at one of your nearby environmental protection agencies.

Such agencies usually send the owner a certificate of recognition stating the number of trees planted, the type of trees and the location where they will plant the trees. It’s an impressive monument to be kept for a long time, and it will be good for the environment too.

8) Decoration fabrics

You can print a photo of your pet on a piece of cloth and add a quote if you wish. Another option is to hire an artist to design something that resembles your pet and print the artwork on fabrics like tablecloths and pillow cases. You can also print a t-shirt or hoodie with your pet’s commissioned work.

9) Paint a mural

You can paint a mural around your house with your pet’s picture. You can also use the murals to cover parts of your walls and some of your rooms. The cool thing is that the architectural aspects of your chosen space in your home are brought into harmony with what you have painted.

10) Decorative urn

You could think of a beautifully decorated urn to hold the ashes when you decide to cremate your pet. You can take the urn with you anywhere in case you ever plan to move. Opt for a compact urn for ashes. It usually prevents any overflow, so you can be sure that your pet’s ashes are safe. A paw print and name of your pet or photo frame can also be added to the urn.


Cherish the memories you have of your pets by creatively making memorabilia. As mentioned above, there are several options.

You can create a photo album of photos with captions, hold a memorial service, video about your pet, hire an artist to do a portrait or murals for your walls, and message stone and rock works. This guarantees that your pets will be loved and fondly remembered.


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